Gender Inclusivity

Medma recognizes the unique aspirations of women by providing avenues for their professional and personal development. We have implemented policies & practices for diversity and inclusivity which enables women to contribute to the success of the enterprise at all levels in the organisation.
Gender Inclusivity
Medma always have been proud to have more women employees than any other IT company in our region. Since the very beginning of our operations, we have witnessed large number of female workers in all our teams. At some point of time, there were even 35%-40% of women employees working and contributing in company's growth.
The reasons why we attracted & retained more women employees are:
1We provide a very safe, healthy, comfortable and motivating working environment to all our women employees. All the Male employees are encouraged to respect our female co-workers and so we call girls by adding "Ma'am" or "ji" as suffix to their names.
2We all know that IT/Software industry demands long working hours and stress. But in Medma, we allow females to leave early on time even though their male co-workers are required to stay late and complete the work. Recently the company has fixed the maximum working time for girls to be 7 pm (IST).
3You will be surprised to know that we provide cosmetics and accessories to women employees within our facility. It is very common to see Face wash, combs, wet tissue papers, full view looking mirrors etc in our office.
4We care for health of our female employees. Though males can be generally seen sipping coffee & tea at our "Tea-break points" but females are usually provided with "Womens Horlicks" to keep them fit & healthy.
5Have you ever applied for any job in Medma? Not only working in Medma but even applying for any job in Medma has its own rewards. Every applicant is given a Chocolate when he drops his or her resume in Medma and so if you are a girl then we know that you love chocolates!
6We have recently started Fitness Corner for our women employees in order to keep them in shape. This Fitness corner has been inculcated with sufficient gym equipments like dumbbells, weighing machine, cycling machine, skates, skipping rope etc. to provide them an enriching workout experience with the option of using the facility anytime as per their convenience.
7You can easily find women oriented messages, posters in our premises which sets a women friendly environment and helps our female staff to get motivated & feel proud of themselves.
8'A healthy minds resides in healthy body'. Keeping this fact in mind, we regularly keep on organising healthy and informative sessions like yoga, meditation, acupressure for our female employees to keep them stress free and fit.
9We regularly provide opportunities to learn & groom our women employees by organizing events like Classical Dance, Nail painting, cooking etc. These events are usually conducted by our female employees itself so that they can increase their confidence levels.
10We regularly communicate with our female employees by organizing womens-only meetings which helps in getting their valueable feedbacks and suggestions to make our organization a better place to work.