Where AI, ML and NLP can be used in your business?

What problems they can solve?

Where AI, ML and NLP can be used in your business?

Artificial Intelligence allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Whereas Machine Learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. They both, together with Natural Language Processing (NLP) can transform any business and thus can help in solving many business problems. Lets see where you can use Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in your business :

1. Detecting User Intent

You can use Machine Learning together with NLP to identify the sentiment, language and topics from any given text. This can be useful in call centers or customer service department where you want to analyze customer interactions by using support tickets, emails, social media posts and phone transcription.

2. Classifying Images Correctly

If you are manually classifying images then you know how time taking it is. But with AI and ML, you can classify large number of images appropriately in no time. Infact you can detect any inappropriate content without involving any human eye. It can be used to identify the objects, people, text, scenes or faces. So, if you want to try new generation of attendance system in your office then Machine Learning can detect, analyze, and compare faces for you.

3. Predicting Results

No, Machine Learning is not a fortune teller but yet it can help you to predict the outcome of your activities. If you supply it past few years sales records then it can predict how much you are going to sell this year! The more the data, the better would be the prediction. It can also be used to predict the customer churn based on statistics and customer pattern.

4. Matching Candidates

You can use AI and ML for matching the best resumes for your job requirements. With use of NLP and ML, you can easily classify the resumes based on experience, skills and regions. Infact you can automatically filter out all the in-appropriate resumes based on your rule sets and can select the best one that matches your requirements.

5. Analyzing Videos

AI and Machine Learning can be used to analyze videos in your organization. You can do people counting, gender identification or even user tracking by analyzing videos in your office or store. Check the interesting Case Study where we did customer counting via webcam in retail stores in Australia. The analysis can be done on real-time videos or pre-stored videos in batches from a cloud storage. It can be used to automatically detect explicit or suggestive content in videos too.

With the new set of frameworks and tools, gone are the days of costly and lengthy implementation of AI and ML applications. Now any experienced developer can design and deploy AI/ML application within two-three months time. And you need not to have big budget for such application as there are plenty of affordable API based options available for use. Amazon, IBM and Google are the leaders in this space but there are other small but very specific providers too like if you want to build chatbots then you can quickly use wit.ai or gupshup.io.

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