The best free modules for OrangeHRM

The best free modules for
OrangeHRM 3.1.1, 3.3.2 and 4.0

The best free modules for OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM provides various free modules to sufficiently handle all your HRM activities and operations in your organization. The HRM is modular in architecture and consists of the following modules - Admin module, PIM module, Leave module, Employee Self Service module, Recruitment module, Time module, Report module and Benefits modules.But it still lacks many intuitive and interesting features in it, which inspired us to develop the best free modules for OrangeHRM.

Update : As on 15 Dec 2017, we have added few advanced features and installation manuals with few of our modules so they are paid now.


If you have large number of LDAP Users in your organization then this module could be very useful. Our OrangeHRM LDAP integration module allows users to login into OrangeHRM by using their LDAP credentials. That means, all the LDAP Users can login into Orange HRM by using their existing LDAP credentials. You can buy this module from here.


We have improved the Leave module of OrangeHRM and have added many useful features in it. The Admin and employees both can view all the leave requests in an intuitive Calendar interface in the OrangeHRM but obviously with access restrictions based on their role. A user can quickly view who all are taking leaves today / in this week / in this month. You can buy this module from here.


If you want to store additional documents in each Employee record in OrangeHRM, then this module is the right choice. You can add important documents like ID card, Family Photo, Passport etc and can include your notes for each document which you want to add in the system. You can later edit and view these documents in OrangeHRM employee record. You can download this FREE module from here.


Sometimes you need your employees to add documents while submitting their Performance Reviews. So, this module does this task nicely. They can add additional documents and add their notes/comments under Performance Review section of the OrangeHRM. You can download this FREE module from here

So, these were the best free OrangeHRM modules developed by us. If you want any new module to be developed, don't hesitate to contact us.
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