Best way to Disable Customer Registration from store.

Most demanding extension for E-commerce store!

Best way to Disable Customer Registration from store.

The best extension in the market that helps the user to disable customer registration form from store and let you shop from store
and do not let anyone to shop without creating a checkout form for guest checkout via new registration form.

Benefits of Disable Customer Registration extension for growing market!

Medma Disable Customer Registration empowers you to manage customer registration on your store in just one click of the extension and manage your customer relationship accordingly. This extension is very useful in cases where the Admin is overloaded with new users and wants to stop customer registration from their stores.

Medma Disable Customer Registration extension helps you manage your store registration with Customer Registration Enable and disable Extension. It extends the customer module functionality and facilitate the admin to approve/disapprove every customer who register to the store. This can be only possible when we have manual customer approval and disapproval enable at your Magento store where the Admin will receive noification email whenever their is a new registration at the store so as to approve and disaprove the customer and in the same way when any customer gets approved by the Admin, they will also recieve the same notification on their registration confirmation.

Features that makes Disable Customer Registration Extension Unique :

1. Multi store configuration with single installation
2. Admin can change settings differently on multiple store websites.
3. Enable pre approval functionality for one or more customer groups.
4. Option to approve new customer account after registration.
5. Customers can be approved by admin.
6. Custom message template page for customer after registration.
7. Create your own email and custom email template.
8. Customers can not access direct url for account creation in Magento store.
9. Admin can get notifications of every new customer registration through email.
10. Activate new customer accounts manually that means new customers can login after approval/activation by the Admin.
11. If approval is needed by Admin then, forbid Log in and Check out actions for non-activated users.
12. Notify customers when their account gets activated. One can also enable and disable notification for customer approval from Admin Area.
13. If social login/signup is enabled, disabling registration should also stop social sign up.
14. This extension will not affect the below functionality:

  • Admin will always be able to register new customers from the Magento Admin area.

  • Existing customers will always be able to log in, shop and checkout in the store.

Give us your valuable feedback to improve this Medma Disable Registration extension, we will surely consider your feedback in the next release version of the extension.
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