How to maintain Magento Websites or Stores

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How to maintain Magento Websites or Stores

Magento is an Open source E-commerce web application. The Magento eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) is an excellent platform for building an online store. Magento platform provides online merchants with anomalous services and authority over the website look, structure, functionality and contents of their online stores. eCommerce stores needs regular maintenance since they are constantly changing. By maintaining your Magento store you can attract more customers easily and bring life to your online store quickly and easily. Upgrading Magento also requires regular maintenance of Magento store. Along with regular upgrading, it is very important that you maintain your site in order to ensure its performance and availability.


Magento is primarily useful for online merchants who wish to enclose world class features in their websites. Today's competitive and increasing e-commerce environment is constantly changing, so every professional Magento website needs maintenance and upgrade services. It is a key element for your online business success. Magento store maintenance is must for businesses who sell their products online. Your eCommerce store should be user friendly, contain optimized images and should be search engine friendly. A website acts the same online as a storefront offline and needs to be maintained properly in order to retain visitors and convert them into customers.


We have build several eCommerce websites using the Magento e-Commerce platform. Magento enables merchants to expand their business in whichever direction market opportunities are high. Our large team of talented Magento developers are well trained and experienced in maintaining your Magento websites/stores. But achieving this is not an easy task. Lot of knowledge and practical experience is required in order to maintain these Magento websites and provide 100% satisfaction to our clients who needs to run & maintain their online Magento stores efficiently. Our team is expert in building Websites in Magento and maintaining your online Magento stores. We understand what is required in order to run & manage online stores. We also can provide an insight on how to better position your online store, how to reach your target audience and how to convert and retain the customers online.Medma Infomatix offers best and cost-effective Magento Maintenance services so that any type & size of Magento store can be maintained smoothly and with less efforts.


1) Optimizing Magento Speed and Performance
The speed of your Magento online store matters a lot for the success of your online business. The speed at which you store loads decides the bounce rates, conversion rates and even the search engine rankings. With our Magento performance optimization solutions, you can achieve better results in less time. We start our performance optimization work by thorough analysis and study of your online store.

2) Magento E-commerce Analytics
We offer excellent web analytics solutions for your Magento e-commerce stores that help store owners in knowing where their sales are coming from. Our team has extensive experience in implementing Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst etc for Magento stores so that online retailers can enhance their product sales and conversion rates. We can also help store owners to track offline or telephone orders on their Magento websites and tracing the performance of Ad campaigns.

3) Magento Theme Update
Large number of Magento themes are now available in Magento community to make your website and online stores looks effective and professional. However, using a custom theme remains the first choice for almost all the size or type of Magento website. We can design new themes as per your unique idea or products or can even modify any existing theme. While modifying your Magento theme we take care that our Upgradation method should ensure minimum disruption to your online store.

4) Magento Debugging
Magento debugging can be often hard and sometimes challenging. While working in Magento, sometimes we need to debug code thoroughly. We can use Magento's system & exception logs for debugging purpose but sometimes much deeper analysis & understanding of "how things works in Magento" is required. Our Magento debugging service includes taking care of all the security related issues for your online shop and ensures website and database security. Our professional Magento developers quickly inspect your online store including the codes, database structure and site architecture. They find out possible causes of errors and accordingly help you to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

5) Magento Search Engine Optimization
Search engine rankings are crucial for success of your e-commerce store in this competitive era. Google loves Magento because Magento is a SEO-Friendly eCommerce platform. In order to optimize your Magento websites for search engines you need to understand & implement SEO principles and rules. You should be very careful in setting up of our web-stores and products.

6) Magento Upgradation
Magento community and Magento developers keep upgrading with the new version of Magento in eCommerce market with new structured development, and everybody wants that they should be upgraded with the latest version of Magento. Upgradation are performed by our expert Magento team and we always make sure that Magento upgrade is done seamlessly, without any faults & downtime. Our Magento upgrade service is available under website development service, online store services, for essentially anyone who is currently running Magento Commerce and desires to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of the latest features and functions available.


* Best and cost-effective end-to-end Magento Maintenance Solutions.
* Upgrades and updates services related to Magento.
* Updation of your Magento store with latest Magento versions.
* Update of your current designs, Customized Skins and Themes.
* Keep your website high in all popular search engines like Google and Yahoo through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
* Fix bugs and tune, optimize Magento websites.
* Implement proven eCommerce marketing strategies.
* Additions of the Products or Services, CMS Pages.
* Installations based on Customized or Standard Module
* Managing Multiple Magento Stores.
* Optimization, Performance and troubleshooting tuning of Magento Templates.
* Support for existing Magento Modules, Extensions and Templates.
* Creating Magento Modules, Extensions as per customer demand.
* Payment Gateway Integration and providing the most appropriate Solutions for Magento Problems.
* Delivering Best, Cost-effective and Timely Magento Maintenance Services.
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