Magento Mass Product Actions

Perform Mass Product Actions
in Magento 2

Magento Mass Product Actions

We have a good news to share! We have added Mass Product Actions in our Magento extension - Move Bulk Products in Multiple Categories. As we all know this extension can help Magento Admin to copy or move mass products from one category to another. By using this extension, Admin can also remove products from multiple categories in one go. But now we have added four Magento Mass Product Actions in our extension :

1. Mass Product Delete
Now you can select multiple products in your Magento Admin and can delete them at once.

2. Remove Images from Products in bulk
Now Magento Admin can delete all the images from many products in one go by using this Magento extension. That means you can mass delete images from multiple products at once.

3. Set Visibility in bulk
Now by using our Magento extension, you can set the visibility of multiple products at once. That means you can easily set visibility of many products without going to each product page individually. Please note that visibility is set for the current store view only.

4. Change Prices for Products in bulk
With these new Magento Mass Product Actions, you can now change prices of multiple products from a single page. That means you can change prices of many products at once.

Please check the screenshots below to see how easy it is to use Magento Mass Product Actions in the extension.

In the first tab i.e. Select Products/Change Price, you can either select multiple products for performing different actions or can change prices of multiple products listed there in one go.

Once you have selected products in the first tab, you can now click & perform actions like:

1. Add to Categories
2. Move to Categories
3. Remove from Categories
4. Delete Products
5. Remove Product Images
6. Set Product Visibility

Hope you will like the new features and keep downloading this useful extension to perform Mass Product Actions in Magento. Please feel free to buy this extension from our store.
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