One Step Checkout : Reduce Customer Abandonment and Increase Conversion

Accelerate Your Checkout Process with One Page Checkout

One Step Checkout : Reduce Customer Abandonment and Increase Conversion

The checkout process is the key factor which takes the joy out of shopping. It plays a significant role in the business channel and actually requires some effort. Optimising the checkout process gives an opportunity to e-commerce sellers to create value for their customers. As checkout page optimisation can make the checkout process more user friendly.

Checkout process optimisation with One Step Checkout is the single most effective technical change that Ecommerce sellers can make to reduce shopping cart abandonment. The default checkout process for Magento eCommerce platform is very annoying as it took users through a number of steps.

Key features

1. Combine shopping cart and checkout.
2. Customize checkout page design.
3. Easy to install and customize.
4. Specify predefined values to speed up checkout process.

Benefits of One Step Checkout

OneStepCheckout is a Magento 2 extension that will reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversion. As this product simplifies Magento's default checkout steps with dynamically updating prices and totals through Ajax. Compressing the six step checkout process to one page, provides with several benefits:

1. Reducing Checkout Steps 6 to 1: One Step Checkout reduces Magento's 6 checkout steps to a single step in a single page. One page checkout takes 53 seconds however standard magento checkout procedure takes around two minutes.

2. Responsive design: This extension introduces responsive design for the checkout page, which allows the checkout page to fit on all screen resolutions of different devices and improves scrolling and user experience.

3. Improves Checkout Performance: Integrating one step checkout with the ecommerce store enhances the performance of your store checkout. Researches shows that advancing the checkout procedure keeps the clients happy and makes them more inclined to return later on.

4. Reduce Cart Abandonments: One step checkout reduces cart abandonments by allowing quick checkouts. One step combines all the steps in one and facilitates a fast process checkout so the customer remains till the end. It act as an accelerator for sales as customer saves time while checking out.

5. Increase Sales: With the help of Magento 2 One Step Checkout leads to an increase in the sales. Simplification of the checkout page attract more customer to shop from your store because of easy and quick checkout process. An e-commerce store owner using one page checkout realises more revenue than it used to with multiple page checkout.

6. Increase Conversion: Magento onepage checkout module increases conversion as the user does not need to go back and forth for changing any information. All the necessary or requirement sections are now displayed beautifully and clearly in only one page.

Thus, OneStepCheckout is a strong, well documented, and thoroughly tested extension. We provide 24X7 support if you run into issues. That is why we have more than 10,000 downloads for this extension gobally.

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