Mechanism of Matix: Popup Builder and Customer Engagement Tool

Add Analytics Dashboard, Modifiable Deal Bar & Pop-ups to Engage Website visitors

Mechanism of Matix: Popup Builder and Customer Engagement Tool

Matix is a customised and compact software to engage customers and increase your sales. It act as a sales conversion tool for magento, woocommerce and wordpress.

This Magento Pop up Plugin offers unlimited options for modifying your site and improve your user-friendly support on laptops, PCs and mobile devices. The Magento Pop-up Builder Plugin is fabricated completely on the original framework of magento without contradicting any core magento functions.

It is easy to install and edit, you do not even need to be a professional programmer to enhance your total sales potential.

Matix offers three impressive features:
1. Create & Display beautiful Popups in seconds
2. Show Deal Bar anywhere on your website
3. Display Notifications to engage website visitors

How Matix Works

After installing the powerful Magento Popup and Customer Engagement extension, you can see the following options:
1. Dashboard
2. Analytics
3. Design, and
4. Notification

1. Analytics Dashboard: Medma Matix Magento 2 Extension adds informative analytics dashboard to an ecommerce and woocommerce store. It displays stats of pop ups and deal bars and also enables comparison of any data with the data collected during prior periods. This comparison and analysis results into precise detection of sales trends and conversions. As an admin this extension gives an amazing insight and ability to manage the growth of key business metrics such as total products sold, total revenues, average order value about sales and customers. The sales dashboard gives you a chance to analyse your data over any data period or range, for e.g., daily, weekly, monthly performance, you choose by providing data range for analytics dashboard.

2. Design: The design section of Medma Matix Magento 2 Extension includes Deal Bars and Pop-ups.

The Modifiable Deal Bar options facilitates visibility of deal bars on all shop/website pages of your store. With the help of matix modifiable deal bar admin can show all sales offers, website link, latest discounts, upcoming proposed deals etc. Admin can even promote best selling products of his website with the help of these deal bars. Admin can customize every aspect of your deal bar like enable disable dealbar, position, background color, size, visibility, target window, URL etc.

Matix PopUp Magento feature is a great solution for ecommerce sellers who want their visitors aware of all offers running at their store. Different display setting gives admin an alternate to create SEO friendly popups for customer engagement and sales conversion. With this powerful magento2 popup builder and customer engagement tool you can display personalized PopUp window in the cart when users tend to leave your site with product inside its cart.

3. Pop-up Notification: Through pop-up notifications on storefront admin can show recent customer activity which keeps the visitor aware of the recently viewed or bought items by other visitors or customers and motivate them to buy as well. Admin can enable or disable and customise popup notification as per the requirement.With the help of this feature admin can create attractive and attention grabbing popups for visitors.

So, if you are new to Magento and you have installed Medma Matix Popup Builder Extension you can now have the knowledge about how it works and what you can do with this wonderful extension for ecommerce, wordpress and woocommerce. So do not wait for anything and let your website visitors or potential customers go convert them into your product users or customers.

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