Matix : A Wordpress Popup Builder Plugin

Customer Engagement and Sales Conversion Tool for WordPress Websites

Matix : A Wordpress Popup Builder Plugin

Pop-ups are great marketing tool, they are highly converting too. It is said that popups can make or break a site. Popup is the most delicate web techniques that can be applied to a website. Successful incorporation of Popup to a website can bring in new customers and business without a lot of effort.

A web page with a popup typically sees more conversions than the same page without a popup. It is observed that a page with a well designed and smartly implemented popup has a better conversion than one with a poor popup.

Matix is the best pop up plug-in for WordPress. It is open source software which makes it extremely versatile and flexible. Matix popup builder plugin offers three impressive products:
1. Matix Ecommerce analytics dashboard
2. Matix Deal Bars
3. Matix Pop Ups

With Matix Popup System one can popup anything. Popup is considered as an effective way to display any advertisement or notification, in a popup window, when clients visits the website. The popup plugin create and manage powerful promotion popups for any WordPress blog or website. This plugin will enable awesome popup in your WordPress website using short codes. One can add unlimited popups with their own configurations. Matix is a powerful and easy to use popup plugin that will help you to grab your visitors' attention to introduce them your offers, discounts or other kind of promotional notices.

Popup Builder - Features

1. It adds a "Medma Dashboard" at left hand side under dashboard button in the admin panel.
2. The dashboard reflects stats according to date, month and year entered.
3. The dashboard will display:
a) Total range during selected range.
b) Total orders during selected range.
c) Total items sold during selected range.
d) Average order value for the selected range.
4. The PopUp builder module offers you a perfect opportunity to notify all your customer's by means of a popup window.
5. Admin can change text of the PopUp via "WYSIWYG" editor.
6. Create and manage as many popups as required
7. Customize the look and feel of the popup
8. Set and customise popup animation effects
9. Choose between several popup themes
10. Set popup location on the screen
11.Change popup content background color
12. Customize popup overlay color and opacity
13. Add custom class for popup overlay and content
14. Set the timing and frequency of displaying pop up
15. Redirect user to another page when he/she clicks on popup content
16. Admin can anytime enable/disable deal bar from back-end.
17. Admin can anytime change text on this deal bar from back-end.
18. Position, background color and color of the text on the deal bar is manageable from the admin-end.
19. It uses firebase to capture and display customer events to all other customers. Events currently supported are :
a) Product Viewing.
b) Product Addition.
20. Admin can enable or disable popup notification as per requirement.


It is clear now that with Matix Popup Builder Plugin one can insert any type of content, right into the Popup. The wordpress popup builder create attractive popups which do not let the visitor go on un-noticed. Thus, the Popup Plugin for Wordpress facilitates customer engagement and sales conversion of the website.
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