Medma Matix Popup Builder - Is it the best, WordPress Popup Plugin?

Comparing Matix Pop-up Plugin with Ninja Popups

Medma Matix Popup Builder - Is it the best, WordPress Popup Plugin?

Popups are widely and wildly marketing tool on the internet today. Thousands of people are looking for the best popup plugin for their WordPress sites everyday. And the problem is there are plenty of choices. Both free and paid.

Popups have always been the centre of a burning discussion. A popup can make or break your site. It is one of the most sensitive web techniques that you can apply to your site. Popups that have been integrated correctly, can bring in new customers and business in less efforts. So, one cannot ignore the extensive power of conversion that a popup possesses.

In this article, we analyse wonderful and compact popup plugin Matix with Ninja Popups

Matix is a WordPress popup plugin, developed by Medma. Matix Popup Builder for magento has been around for quite some time and has an excellent response from customers. Keeping into mind the demand of customers Medma has developed a Popup Plugin for Wordpress with the same name as of for Magento i.e., Matix. It has abundant features which can change your website into revenue generator.

Here we will provide you an insight of both these plugins features, so that you can make an informed and unbiased choice.

Matix Popup Plugin v/s Ninja Popups - Comaparable or not?

We can not do a direct comparison of both the plugins. Mainly because Ninja Popups is only about popups, while Matix does much more than popups. It includes:

1. Woocommerce Analytics Dashboard providing an actionable insight to store owners based on sales and conversions.

2. Modifiable Deal Bar is visible across all pages of your store. It helps admin to display sales offers, website link, latest discounts, upcoming deals or even promoting best selling products.

3. Pop-up Notifications on storefront displays recent customer activity which keeps the visitor aware of the recently viewed or bought items by other visitors or customers and motivate them to buy as well.

Themes - Gives U-Turn to Decisions

Popups' main objective is to draw your customers' attention and themes or templates has a lot of weight.

Ninja Popups provides a whooping 22 theme pack. And they have more available. These are well designed, appealing and easy to integrate. The only downside is that if you wanted to customize them, it would be difficult.

Somebody's loss is another's gain. This goes well with Matix Pop-up Plugin. Customization is where Matix shines. By default Matix has 16 attractive themes. The Popup Plugin provides fully compatible WordPress editor, with the ability to add custom CSS and JavaScript in the popup body. So if you are a wordpress professional Matix's lack of themes is not big problem for you!

Exit Popup - Engage Visitors for Winning Back a Losing Lead

Showing popups at the exit time has the better chances of convertibility so this feature is very useful. Coincidently both the plugins Matix Popup builder and Ninja provides for exit popups. This means a popup will show when the user is about to leave your page.

Cost Factor - Competition Eliminator

Ninja Popups is priced at $22 whereas Matix is available at the cost of just $15! Although the price difference is not huge and it creates a confusion for the buyers. Matix Popup Builder offers bundle of features in just $15 what biggies don't offer in $99 or more.

What you will Buy?

Ninja Popups is more suitable to those who wants only popups at their website. But if you want something more along with the popups like notifications, deal bars etc so as to get better conversion go with Matix Popup Builder plugin.

Read on the brief analysis of both the plugins and then think and decide which one works best for you and why?

Call to Action - Brief Comparison of Matix and Ninja Popups

A brief summary of Matix v/s Ninja Popups
FeaturesMedma MatixNinja Popups
Message TypePopups
Deal Bars
Analytics Dashboard (Woocommerce)
Only Popups
Device ResponsivenessAll themes responsiveAll themes responsive
Exit popupsAvailableAvailable
Analytics DasboardAvailableUnavailable

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