Medma Matix: Converts Website Visitors into Customers

Reduce Woocommerce Cart Abandonment and Boost your Sales

Medma Matix: Converts Website Visitors into Customers

Increasing Customer Engagement and Sales Conversion for an E-commerce Store is a big deal. The sale is not guaranteed when the customer finds your product, they need to buy. Medma Matix Magento 2 Module has everything you need to increase your Magento sales conversions and revenue. Matix Popup Builder is a helpful tool for any eCommerce websites to create the sense of a busy store, creates a strong brand image to potential customers, and increase orders.


1. It creates and display popups
2. It Shows Deal Bar
3. Display Notification
4. Increase User Engagement


Matix is a powerful pop-up and customer engagement plugin which is compatible with Woocommerce, magento, wordpress. It is very easy to install, you just need to follow the following steps to install the extension at your magento store:
1. Purchase and Download the package from "My Downloadable Products" page of your account at our website.
2. Unzip the zipped package.
3. Create "Medma" directory in "app/code/" directory through ftp.
4. Create "Matix" directory in "app/code/Medma/" directory through ftp.
5. Copy all files and folders from directory "medma-matix" to server location "app/code/Medma/Matix".
6. Connect to your server through ssh and change to your magento installation root.
7. Execute below commands one by one :-
a) php bin/magento setup:upgrade
b) chmod 777 -R var
c) chmod 777 -R pub
e) php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
f) chmod 777 -R var
g) chmod 777 -R pub
8. Navigate to Store -> Configuration ->Medma Matix -> Analytics / PopUP / Deal bar to enable extension for any store you need


Matix is the all-inclusive popup plugin that converts website visitors into customers. You can increase your sales by displaying personalized popups, dealbar & notifications at the right time at your website. With Matix one can have the following advantages:

Convert Visitors into Paying Customers: It displays interesting deals to customers at eye-landing positions by using sticky bars at your website. Sticky bars attract visitor's attention make them view the page atleast for once resulting into their conversion as a customer.

Increase User Engagement at Website: It displays click-able button in the Deal Bar and redirect customers to a new URL. Its pop-up system makes it so that you do not even need to click out of your browser or hit on the back button before the pop-up presents itself to those pre-qualified visitors.

Promote Attractive Deals and Offers: Pop-up builder extension mechanised the process of showing pop-ups to visitors who show interest in your products through website visiting and mouse hovering. It shows last minute deals, Advertisements, discount offers with the help of - images, videos, text, HTML, button etc.

Reduce Traffic Bounce Rate at Website: Show targeted popups to your visitors when they enter, exit or spend time at your website. It displays recent customer activity through pop-up notifications on storefront to notify recently viewed or bought items to visitors and motivate them to buy as well.

Increase Email Subscribers with Forms: Medma Matix works with Email Marketing Tools You Already Use like Sendy, iContact, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi etc. With the help of this extension admin can build up a database for future.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonments: Maximum visitors leave an online store without buying due to reasons like lack of trust, engagement, and authenticity. Keeping these social factors in mind, Matix Popup Builder Module helps you combat site abandonment with recent sales notifications.

Thus, Matix is all-in-one software for magento, woocommerce and wordpress for customer engagement that allows viewing personalized messages for marketing, boosting sales conversions, insight of ecommerce analytics, displaying last minute deals, showing discount offers and checking store performance.

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