Why do we need Manual Customer Approval?

Easy way to manage Customer Approval in Magento 2

Why do we need Manual Customer Approval?

Medma Customer Registration Extension lets you extend the functionality of the customer registration without affecting the default registration process and provides you an option to manually or automatically approve customers who register on your shop. By using Medma customer approval functionality one can easily manage newly registered customers on store. Customers can be get approved automatically after registration or can be manually approved by the admin from Backend.

Admin will get email notification on every new registration and can approve on every new registration and can approve one or more customers at the same time. Each customer will get notified as soon as he gets approved (in case of manual approval). Easy configuration for backend and can be done for each store or website separately.

Manual Approval helps the Admin in :

  • Verification of every new customer that registers on your store.

  • Disapproves any customer registration from Magento backend to deny login access.

  • Send email notifications to Admin on every new Customer Registration on store.

  • Customers receives notification emails on their Account Activation.

  • Features :

  • Admin can disable customer registration form.

  • Admin can change settings differently on multiple store websites.

  • Customers can not access direct url for account creation in Magento store.

  • If social login/signup is enabled, disabling registration should also stop social sign up.

  • Admin can get notifications of every new customer registration through email.

  • Activate new customer accounts manually that means new customers can login after approval/activation by the Admin.

  • If approval is needed by Admin then, forbid Log in and Check out actions for non-activated users.

  • Notify customers when their account gets activated.

  • This extension will not affect the below functionality:

  • 1. Admin will always be able to register new customers from the Magento Admin area.
    2. Existing customers will always be able to log in, shop and checkout in the store.

    Note : It does not affect the existing customer of the store. All the old customers remain active, the settings is applied only for approving the newly registered customers on store.
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