Poker Game Development for Facebook, Desktop and Mobile

* Poker game for facebook, website and Mobiles
* Multiple casinos, Manage Users, Manage Levels, IP Tracking, Chat etc.
* Ensure high profitability for your online Poker Business.

Poker Game Development for Facebook, Desktop and Mobile

Poker is the world's most popular family card game involving betting. Its the game of luck and decisions. Many people around the world enjoy playing poker on regular basis. This game is a combination of challenge, luck and skill. It is not only the game of cards but you need to analyse, make perfect decision and then react to your opponents. It is a social strategy game.

At Medma Infomatix we have a tendency to believe that every online game business is unique and requires perfect skill and software solutions to meet the expectation of our clients and deliver best user experience. So, while creating our Poker Game we analyzed all the features required and tried to provide them in a best possible way.

Our well talented and experienced team of game developers offers a wide range of choice of online poker game, poker software, online casino software and all kind of game development services that ensures high profitability for the online poker business with all options to keep your players engaged. We developed poker game for facebook, desktop and web browsers with animation that even supports mobile devices like iPhone/Android phones and tablets.


1. Leaderboard: This board displays the top players of the world, any particular country and friends current ranking along with their profile pictures, country's flag and chip amount.

2. Single and Dual Table: Regular Tables and VIP tables: Users can play on 2 types of tables .However, in order to play on the VIP tables the user should have bought a VIP chip package.

3. Gift system: A user can choose virtual gifts from the gift window and gift it to any player on the table. We created a backend Admin panel which allows admin to upload/delete/modify all virtual gifts for the game.

4. Buy Chips window: The user can buy the chips package, and the Admin can create/modify chip packages from the backend.

5. Sounds: The system has various sounds/audio effects for different actions, like call, check, fold, winner, chip dropping sound etc.

6. Mystery Jackpot: This feature lets a user claim a jackpot when he gets this mystery combination of cards at any time during the game. The Admin panel also lets the admin manage this card combination, whenever desired.

7. Daily bonus: This is a feature where a user gets bonus when he plays the game for consecutive days. Our USP: Admin panel to let the user manage the amount of bonus value in Poker game.

8. Facebook wall Post: As the game was to be hosted on facebook also, so this feature posts on the profile of the player when certain Criterions are met.

9. Rake back feature: A number of chips to the user when he looses with a good hand like 3 Qs.

10. Chat Option: This lets a user chat with other players on the tabel. These users who can chat can be managed form the backend. An admin can block a player from chatting till the time he wants.

11. Manage Users: This feature allows Admin to manage the user game information like change his chip value and change the hand won and played reports

12. Payment Gateway Integration: Paypal integration and facebook credits integration was done by our team in order to make the Poker game available on all the platforms.

13. Multiple casinos: The most challenging part was to create multiple casinos with each casino having multiple tables in the poker game for facebook, website and mobile. We provided Admin interface at the backend to achieve this.

14. IP tracking: This was a security feature which allowed the admin to monitor the number of users accessing the game form a single IP address and take necessary action on the same, like blocking a player, deleting his chips and other desired actions. So, this provided the necessary security to Poker game from hacking/abusing.

15. Game Tutorial: The client wanted to have a step by step tutorial to help a player understand the game. So, created a small video presentation with text manuals.

16. Settings: This lets a user change his name on the game and view other achievements of his and choose the much feature and auto top off option.

17. Game lottery: A lottery that any user can claim after every 10 minutes. This amount can be adjusted/changed from the backend Admin panel.

18. Away Feature: This lets a user reserve his seat on a table and be away for a time decided by the game, This can also be managed from the backend Admin panel.

19. Stand up Feature: This feature allows a player to sit out from the next game that would be played on the table.

20. Smileys: In order to make the poker game interesting, we added a wonderful collection of smileys in the game.

21. Optional Auto top off option: This is one of the options that a poker game must have, that lets a player top off on a table with a percentage decided by him when he looses all money on a table and wishes to continue to play more hands on the table.

22. Muck Feature: The player has an option to show his cards or let his cards be hidden on a table, when a winner is declared.

23. Manage Levels: There were multiple levels required in the poker game so we provided an interface in our Admin area to create more levels to the game from the backend Admin panel. Initially we provided around 25 levels in the poker game.

The Unique selling point of our game is that most of the features can be managed from the backend Admin panel.


Our online game developers team exceed in building fully customizable online gaming software solutions and products like online poker software and online casino software. We, as online poker and casino gaming developers, are capable enough to deliver an online gaming project within the required budget and at the same time offer each of our clients a dedicated and custom-build service.


>> High Quality Graphics, implementation of various Game engines.

>> Scalable online gaming software that is designed to grow with the increasing number of the online players.

>> Development of poker game for facebook, web and desktop.

>> Best and cost-effective end-to-end Poker Game Development Solutions.

>> Provide fully technical support and maintenance after sale.
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