This project iMeditation is an application of iPhone for both beginners and skilled practitioners of meditation. Meditation are in no way religious. They are made for users to be able to increase their personal development in the direction they want to. This is perhaps the best investment you face. A super Prophet meditation application. It can give users inner peace, clarity, profits and reduce stress if you use the application routinely. This application helps people in doing meditation by using their smart phone. This application show their meditation progress graph also, to and it have weekly, yearly contests also for meditators.




Our Approach


Our main approach is make an Iphone application where one could follow its own path of meditation front and if you wanted you could share it with his friends. It could be there was someone who thought it would be fun to have to compete against each other in something like meditation, directly opposite of competition.

Difference We Made


We as a mature iPhone developers created an app that contains a wide variety of guided meditations to help you feel relaxed. You can also listen to the meditation clips which we created in both Danish as well as English language.



JavaScript, PHP MySQL HTML5 jQuery CSS.