Development of web application for an Australian Snacks company running their business through more than 40 franchisees. The application provides a way to manage all their products, manuals, operations and franchise activities through a simple web interface.






An Australian Snack Company having more than 40 franchisees across the country.

What was the problem?


Scattered databases, large text based un-organized databases, remote access, slow coordination, time consuming reports.



The purpose was to provide a web based application accessible from any franchise location and to collect all the transactions in a central database so that reports & analysis can be done instantly without requiring any franchisee to coordinate with the head office.

Our Approach


As there were many franchisees and database was un-organized & large so we have used database views, indexing and cloud servers in order to fetch results fast. We have developed a customized CMS having complete inventory control, Sales management, billing, reporting tool. Franchisees login into our online application and can update sales, revenue, stocks, download Product updates, manuals, prices, marketing materials etc in real time. Different types of users exist in system - Administrator, Franchisee, Franchisee Staff, Suppliers, SOS staff, Site visitors etc. Admin can set/revoke privileges of different Users and even can create Users, User types, privileges in real time.



HTML PHP MySQL Google Map API AJAX cloud servers