Development of Web Application for Thailand Based Medical Tourism Company which provides cosmetic surgery like Tummy Tuck Surgery, Breast Implant, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Penis Enlargement, Knee Replacement, Hair Transplant, Dental Implant, Face Lift, Liposuction, Vaginoplasty.




What was the problem?


Multiple and ever increasing domain names, very large and un-optimized database, un-organized patient pictures, Management, no CMS for managing contents.



The site provides one centralized database for four other database driven websites. Administrator can manage all these four websites, their Clients, Orders, Doctors, procedures, internal mails from a single Administrator Panel.

Our Approach


As there were around four websites which were dependent on a single database so we had to optimize database and queries a lot. The focus was to keep everything very simple & fast from the user perspective but at the same time not compromising security of the data. We provided different types & levels of users with different set of privileges assigned to them. The central database was hosted on a central server however photos were uploaded on their specific websites.

Difference We Made


We made a very fast, simple and secure web application capable of running itself from variety of client domain names with a central database and omnipresent (on all domains) Admin panels. The end product was a piece of excellent Database application.



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