Designing & development of website for civil celebrant (wed) company. This web site helps couples to create a ceremony that is a good reflection of their love, emotions ,hopes and dreams for their coming life together. Finding a right match in your life is very important because now your entire life is going to be shared by someone else and if this day is so important then its a good idea to plan for this ceremony with an expert.




What was the problem?


Platform needed for organizing site contents & visitor enquiries.



The purpose was to provide a quick website with CMS capability where Admin can manage contents and receive inquiries.

Our Approach


We provided easy to use WYSIWYG editor under Admin panel for managing contents of the website. All website enquiries are collected in the database and can be viewed & replied from control panel itself.

Difference We Made


With our developed solution Admin is having complete control over every aspect of his website.Our Experienced iPhone developers tried to Create a bold website starting from the layout and extend to the colors and the font sizes. We tried to choose all pieces or some of these pieces to create a wonderful website that creates attention and is also easy to read and understand. While it is a bit of a trendy thing to do, but it is a wonderful technique because you want your readers to remember your site and you also want them to be able to make the most use of your site.This is exactly what we tried to do and succeed.