This Application is developed for providing online tutoring to students by using collaborative whiteboard, text chat, video camera and audio/voice. Students can schedule their one-to-one OR one-to-many tutoring sessions with online Tutors.


What was the problem?


Unclutter user interface to enable text/voice/whiteboard communications, browser based tool, time logging.



The purpose of this application was to provide easy to use web based interface where there is no need of downloading/installing any software for getting tutoring. Every feature of the application like video cam, audio chat, whiteboard was to be used from internet browser itself.

Our Approach


As we need to provide one-to-one tutoring sessions in the browser itself without installing any additional software so Flash was the obvious option available to be used. The application provides flash enabled interactive whiteboard to students and teachers where they can interact in realtime.

The application provides very detailed reports to Students, Tutors, Admin for keeping track of sessions, money earned by tutors, student invoices, Commissions for affiliates, session history, student strength in sessions, idle time of tutors, un-served tutoring requests etc.

Difference We Made


With this application students can now interact with teachers by using text, whiteboard, video and voice messages. Teachers can teach subjects interactively as they do in their real life class rooms.



HTML Javascript Ajax AS2 PHP MySQL