AndiRobot is a Call barring Android application. It is an incoming call screening and barring application for phone running Android OS.


What was the problem?


Scheduling of barring, clean user interface, blocking unknown numbers, incoming call barring



By using this application, the user should be able to create a list of Contacts whose calls he wants to receive or reject. You can also block specific numbers, unknown (as in, blocked) numbers, numbers not included in your contact list, every number in the contacts. You can also block "spam," which can be found later, or numbers present in your recent call list.

Our Approach


Application checks every incoming call and bar them as per the settings made by the User. Touch driven user interface makes it possible to do & apply barring setting instantly without much fuss. Barring could be activated automatically as per time scheduled by the user or it can be manual as & when required.

Difference We Made


A very quick & easy to bar unwanted incoming calls. Many companies have created various iPhone calls and SMS blocking applications in a number of ways, but I guess Andi robot is really flexible and very powerful Android application. You simply create one list of numbers, and the app blocks all interactions of those numbers. Our iPhone application developers really gave their best efforts in order to create such a flexible android app.



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