This is a mobile quiz application to test the traffic sense of motor drivers on the street. The questions are to be loaded from remote server including images and MP3 sounds. The result is instantly shown to the user after he completes every question in a quiz.


What was the problem?


Supporting various Android devices, dynamically loading images though APIs, zooming to fit screen resolutions, preloading images & Mp3 to load quiz questions fast.



The purpose was to provide a convenient mobile application to drivers to test their knowledge & skills and allow them to learn from their driving mistakes. It can also help them to pass thier driving test with ease. All of the information that users need to prepare for is included in our Teori Undervisoning Android application.

Our Approach


We are looking forward to our client's satisfaction by providing quick & easy interface and to fulfill that we are pre-loading images, MP3 and text from XML through APIs, keeping this in mind that startup time of the app should be minimal. To do this we are fetching quiz contents for next questions in advance when user is viewing any particular question.

Difference We Made


The end product was capable of rendering itself on various android devices with variety of screen sizes. The user gets a seamless page transitions as images and contents (including MP3s) are pre-downloaded silently at the background which makes this app the perfect choice regardless of where you live.



Android Java XML PHP