Footballgeni is a webportal designed to connect & promote everybody in the football or soccer industry. The basic idea behind implementing this website is to design web based application that can combine facebook with a football portal. Now football Players, Agents, Scouts, Coaches & Accademies, are able to contact and socially network with each other, and at the same time market their talent or abilities to a Worldwide audience.






Our client's wanted a website which acts as an association of all football players either at national or at starting level.Our web development team with their efforts made it possible by creating a webpage in which members get aware of the happenings of their favorites as well as outside football world

Difference We Made


This website application helped the students who are in initial level to get on their way to play professional football and to the one who are enjoying that success can share their achievements to their fans.This PHP development also displays testimonials and members can also register any query regarding this site,hence its fun and informative application of the web.