Lesko- It is a database driven PHP developed website. This website includes a large amount of information with customer support system, message center (internal mailing system), ticketing system etc..This web development emphasise on the tag which is “Get All The Government benefits you deserve”.






The purpose is to design a website that includes a large number of informative videos and messages by which user can gain knowledge of many fields related to business world. This website Lesko, also sells eBooks, DVDs, CDs, Membership etc..It displays easy methods to get a money without investing anything and one can start a business

Difference We Made


Many users found this development to be fruitful as it gave not only knowledge but also acted as a medium for money and cleared all their queries regarding business.Lesko features are unique and are for rising business freaks especially those who can't afford the initial investment.Our web developers made a divergence in the market and many users are enjoying its features which made their life's aim true and successful.



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