This iPhone app allows you to Read faster than you can speak. By breaking through your reading speed limit of 200 - 400 words per minute with PerUser, you can free up fourth dimension for more significant matters.






The aim is to design an iPhone/iPad app that can offer something extraordinary that would be helpful for the seasoned as well as average readers who craving for speed reading, none of the anaroid application teach you faster and more efficiently than PerUser on an iPhone Anroid device. You can see the reading rate and the forward motion of the end user in a Reading Journal.

Our Approach


This iOS development app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. From viewing your documents in two different formats to easy-to-use file management, we designed PerUser with features with your fast reading needs in mind.

Difference We Made


Being an outstanding idea this project proved to be highly customized mobile development and needs of unique reading interfaces were fulfilled with atmost priorities. It worked on concentration and reading comprehension,breaking the subvocalization barrier.Hence this iPhone design app was capable to be quality product with latest technologies with the price tag worth to its quality and within affordability.



1) WiFi Transfer 2) pdf parsing 3) HTML 4) Objective C 5) Java Script 6) JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)