The Amazing Race is a fantastic game for kids developed by our iPhone developers, having all ingredients that kids will enjoy. Run against 5 other animals on different racetracks, unlock fresh colors to paint your animal, new animals and new courses. If you have a craze for speed, this is really full of excitement .






The purpose was to provide a fantastic game for kids, containing all elements to act as an amusement. This Android based iPhone game will give hours of fun and some peace of mind. This is one of the game which kid's always want to have. It's fun and simple making it a great iPhone application.

Difference We Made


This iPhone game showcased the amazing world in a series of adventure. We harnessed the show popularity crazy scenarios & awesome characters in different pick up & children enjoyed this iPhone application with humour, colour, movement & giggles. This app is truly cross platform - available on iPhone, Android, devices.



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