Red Urchin is an extremely powerful but simple to use time and priority management application for iPads.

It is like combining your to-do list, diary, calendar and contacts all into one application and wrapping it up with some simple rules that will make you more productive, achieve more and get you more spare time...who wouldn't want that!




What was the problem?


1)The application will nee to be clean and effective design that replicates a paper dairy.
2)The database of information must be able to be synced (or backed up) using the
devices sync (backup) applications.
3)Entry text must be able to wrap within the field.
4)Menus must be simple and useable as the application will need to be quick to use.



The purpose is to design a perfect time management application. This is a Calendar application, this is a Utility for all professionals who all have a busy schedule and don't want to miss any important appointment/meeting, in this application they can manage their To Do list, appointments, set priority tasks etc .. Overall it will help you to manage your time very efficiently.

Our Approach


Our approach is to develop an application that can-

1)Manage your time more effectively (all your time including work and personal time)
2) Effectively manage your tasks and priorities
3) Manage communications with a person or organization with a single view
4) Manage goals and meetings with dedicated pages
5) Get more achieved in the same time because you are more focused and organized
6) Meet deadlines and expectations when you said you would (or when your boss said you would)
7) Know before it is to late if you have to much on for the day
8) Save on annual supplies and refills.



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