Designing & development of website for Bowling Alley players. This iPhone development allows Bowlers of United States to compete in Tournaments available on website & win money against other competing bowlers. If you like bowling and like tournaments then this is really the correct place for you. You will definitely love it!




What was the problem?


Game Structuring
Double Pairing
Single Pairing
Handicap Matches



To provide platform for Bowling players where they participates in Bowling Tournament.

Our Approach


1) Tournaments available on website includes Brackets,Side Pots & Eliminators.

2) Bowlers participates in existing tournaments & leagues by paying participation fee.

Difference We Made


This iPhone app proved not only as an entertainment , but also one can win money by playing this tournament. We made the difference in the following fields :

1)Automatic Tournament Scheduling
2) Database Pairing

Apart from these there are several other very attractive features in the game that makes it so special. One of them is the scorecard. Have fun!



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