Roulette is an exceptional application among all games of chances for Android tablets and iPhones. This software is renowned for its incredibly realistic graphics and game play. Roulette an iPhone development is provided with some other good attributes making it very attractive to gamblers.


Our Approach


The basic challenge by our client was to identify and programme the various features, to ensure highly interactive game play. So our purpose was to design an iPhone app and we brought the client's concept to life, by integrating the various features needed to create the vibrancy and interactivity required to make this type of application successful.

Difference We Made


This iPhone development proved to be a great boom for game lover's. We came to this level because of following points:

1) The project improved performance by code optimization & made the website more user friendly.
2) This Android application used maximum of Ajax Script
3) Cross Browser Compatibility (IE V6/V7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)