How to connect Magento to Databox

Magento 2 Databox Connector
Magento Databox Connection

How to connect Magento to Databox

Magento databox connector can provide mobile-first business analytics regarding various metrics like sales, pending orders, new customers etc so you can better keep track of your online store. Recently we released Beta version of the Magento Connector for Databox. You can check the released BETA version of the Connector at Databox official integration page here. Now, lets see how you can connect your Magento to Databox in few easy steps.

Steps to connect Magento to Databox :

1) Firstly, you have to create an admin user at your store with permissions to all the resources, or you can use any existing user having permission to all resources in your store. To create an admin user with required permissions follow following steps :

a) Go to Magento store backend and log in to your Admin

b) Go to System -> User Roles

c) Add new user role, provide details in Role Info tab and in Role Resources tab set Resource access to all

d) Go to System -> All Users and provide all the required account information

e) Go to user role tab and set the user role to the user role you created in step (c)

In case of any confusion follow official Magento documentation for creating users here

2) Now log in to your Databox account and go to Data Manager tab

3) Add a new connection and select Magento from available Data sources. You will get the following popup to provide details so as to activate the connection

4) Provide following details in data source activation form :

Store URL: Url of your store

API user: The name of Admin user you created in 1(e) step above or any Admin user having access to all resources

API key: Password of the Admin user you used as an API user

Low Stock Threshold: The minimum quantity below which products are considered to be low in stock

5) The Magento Databox Connector will take some time to fetch initial data after which you can use template provided to show your data or create you custom data wall

If you want help to build custom Databoard/Dashboard follow this link -

Metrics Description:

Please note that our Magento Databox Connector currently provides following metrics :

Average Sale: Average of sales for the time period selected in Databoard.

Total Sales: Total sales for time period selected in Databoard.

Low Inventory Products: Count of products having stock lower than the low stock threshold (provided during Datasource activation) for the time period selected in Databoard.

New Customers: Count of new customers for time period selected in Databoard.

Pending Orders: Count of pending orders for time period selected in Databoard.

Thats it! You have successfully connected your Magento to Databox now :-)
Please feel free to ask for any details as we are happy to help.
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