Magento Custom Options Extension

Manage Magento Custom Options
in Magento 2

Magento Custom Options Extension

Recently, we have added some exciting features in our Magento Custom Options extension. In this article we will check all the features of this extension including the latest functionality addons.


1. Magento Custom Options Extension will allow you to copy custom options from one or more product to other product(s) easily.

2. The extension has two modes :

a) Overwrite : This mode will completely overwrite the custom options of the selected product (if any) with the custom options you have chosen.

b) Add-on : This mode will let you retain the existing custom options of selected product and add the selected custom options.

3. You can also Delete the Custom Options from multiple products at once.

4. When creating product or editing product, custom options are provided as suggestion. You can directly select the custom option name from there and it will be added to your product. There is no need to make same custom options for new products again and again.

5. Custom Option Dependency (NEW)

Now Admin can set dependencies among custom options for any product. But the extension will also prevent setting up of any dependency by Admin which causes deadlock. In deadlock condition one or more custom options for a product might never show because they will not fulfill the conditions.

The custom options dependencies will be set in a linear way. That is top most or first custom option will effect next custom option and so on. Magento Custom Options Extension will work for custom options with type dropdown, radio and checkboxes. You can setup custom option dependencies at Product edit page under "Manage Dependency Tab".

Please note that we have developed and tested this Custom Options functionality in Magento 2 default theme. It will continue to work on different themes, if there are not much customization done in product's custom options section. You can buy Magento Custom Options Extension from here.
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