Mass Product Actions Magento Extension

Assign categories to product(s)
Replace categories of product(s)
Remove categories of product(s)

Mass Product Actions Magento Extension

If you have large number of products & categories in your Magento store then you must have experienced problem in assigning products to multiple categories. There is no option to mass-assign products to one or more category in Magento. So, every store owner has a question "how to assign category on multiple products?" but has no answer available in Magento platform. But thankfully, Mass Product Actions Magento Extension - Move Bulk Product in Categories can solve the problem easily. Lets check what this extension can do in your store.

With Move Bulk Product in Categories extension you can save time in updating your products. You can quickly assign numerous products to one or more category. The extension enables you to mass assign products to different categories without doing the manual work. The Admin can bulk apply store categories to a range of products quickly. Apart from mass category assignment, it also helps you to remove multiple products from categories and move products from one category to another. That means Admin can assign multiple products to specific categories or can remove products from their current category and place them to another one. So, any number of products can be added to or deleted from a category/categories in one go.

The extension provides a faster way to assign products to multiple categories and so you can significantly improve the product management process in your Magento store. The extension provides you three important functions:

1. Assign categories to product(s)
2. Replace categories of product(s)
3. Remove categories of product(s)

Hence, Medma Move Bulk Product in Categories extension can help you to assign or remove multiple products to / from categories without wasting your precious time. Interested in buying this useful Magento extension? Buy it from our store and manage your products easily.
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