Post-purchase Email Automation for Magento 2

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Post-purchase Email Automation for Magento 2

Recently, we have released a free Magento 2 extension 'Three Emails' for automating sending of post-purchase emails to customers. Our post-purchase email automation Magento 2 extension allows you to schedule and automatically send three relevant messages to your customers.

Three Emails is a very simple but useful Magento 2 extension for sending three (yes, just three!) targeted, personalized & relevant emails to your customers. You can automatically trigger these three emails to your customers based on their order history. You may ask why only three emails? Because we beleive less email is better!

You can use Three Emails to send automatic email to customer after five days of purchasing your product, or to check if he has actually started using your product? Or you can use it to get customer feedback after few days of sale.

With Three Emails extension, you can automate sending of post-purchase emails in Magento without making it too complicated and fussy. You can entice your customer journey by sending meaningful emails to your customers at three stages of your customer life cycle. You can use these emails to engage your customers and get them back to your store for more shopping!

We all know how difficult it is to retain and keep in touch with your customers in your ecommerce store. But Three Emails Magento 2 extension makes it dead simple to retain customers. It can keep customers coming back to your Magento store by sending personalized & relevant emails automatically.


Configure the time when each email will be sent out
Easily modify the contents of these automated emails
Include links & images in these emails
Personalize emails with product names, customer names, subject line etc


Offer Support after [x] days of sale
Upsell Product / Service after [x] days of sale
Ask Customer Feedback after [x] days of sale


We have included default email templates for your convenience. So, you can jump start easily. The thrtee included templates are:

1st Email
To check if customer needs help in using your product or service

2nd Email
To upsell additional products or services

3rd Email
Requesting feedback and review from the customer


We have gone crazy!
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