What Can Organizations Do With Big Data

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What Can Organizations Do With Big Data

Organizations are making critical predictions by analyzing and sorting through Big Data. Formatting data that is unstructured makes it suitable and fit for data analysis and mining. Hadoop is the core platform for structuring Big Data. Hadoop make use of a distributed computing architecture consisting of many servers using commodity hardware. Organizations creates huge amount of data, as if about 90 percent of the data of the world has been set up in the last two years alone.

Now, here arises the question that what is the actual need for Big Data?

Big Data is a platform to solve problems with huge amount of data that is mostly terabytes or gigabytes of data. So, you have just modified the data part of the application, the process part still remains the same. As we already know that any kind of program consist of two parts: data, and process. Whenever the size of data grows, so does the challenges to handle such kind of data. For your normal applications, you use Relational Databases, like Postgresql, MySql to store data. But when the size grows enormously, you never know how big it can be, in that case you can't rely on MySql, or other DB's, then there comes the need for Big Data.

Is there any future in Big Data?

Yes, of course the Big Data is a pretty stable field right now and have future scopes as well that will help all the freshers to find great job at a good company. Big Data with its wide range of applications and future scope is not only beneficial at the personnel level but also holds several profits at the organizational level. Big Data has opened gates for performing machine learning and complex analytics that was very limited with traditional systems.

Big Data infrastructure is on demand with big processing at the edges. When data gets large and fast, the focus is not on the bigger infrastructure that store it all at once. But to throttle data at the source so that only interesting data gets stored. Big Data has become more accessible for an average person. Since, more and more people are combined on private and public use, big data will play a key role in growing bigger and bigger. And ultimately, will make things more personnel.

Here is a list of top Big Data trends for 2016 as follows :

Apache Spark

Apache Spark has moved from being a component of the Hadoop ecosystem to Big-Data platform. IT provides increased data processing speed as compared to Hadoop and is now considered as the Big Data open source project.

The NoSql take over

The increasing demand of NoSql technologies, that is commonly associated with unstructured data in the last year's trends of Big Data. Moving further, the shifting to NoSql database is becoming a piece of Enterprise IT landscape becomes clear as the benefits of schema-less database concepts become more pronounced.

Big Data grows up

Like further evidence to the growing trend of hadoop is becoming a core part of IT landscape, we'll find investment growth in the components surrounding system like security. Apache Sentry project provide a system for the purpose of fine-grained, as well as role base authorization to data and meta data that are stored on Hadoop cluster.

Big Data gets fast

Hadoop is gaining more fraction in the enterprise, we see a growing demand from the end user for the same, fast data exploitation that have come to expect from traditional Data warehouses.

Options for end users to discover all forms of data grows

Self service data tools are on the heights. This is due to the shift towards business user generated data discovery tools that reduces time to analyze data. Business users generally want to reduce the complexity and time in preparing data for analysis, even sometime it is very necessary when dealing with a variety of data formats and types.

MPP Data Warehouse growth is heating up

Although the death of Data warehouse has hyped for sometime, but there is no secret that the growth in this segment of market has been slowing. But as there is a major shift in the application of this technology to the cloud where Amazon built its way high for an on-demand cloud data-warehouse in Red shift.

The Buzzwords Converge

Although the Technology is in early days, but the data from devices from Internet of things is becoming one of the Killer Apps for the clouds. For this purpose we see leading clouds and data companies like Amazon web services, Google and Microsoft Internet of Things services to life where data can be seamlessly moved or transferred to their cloud analytics engine.
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