Service Provider is a free iPhone and Android app which provides an interactive platform for users to search & find service providers in a particular geographical area. It is a Business Networking application which provides user an easy access to the services which they require at home, office, or anywhere with greater choices.




What was the problem?


Clean user interface, short profile forms, remote server calls through APIs, short dashboards.



Our client wanted an iPhone design development which serve as service provider, the purpose was to provide a detailed service list to users in an easy to use interactive yellow page directory kind-of setup which can be used on the go. This Android application designed by our developers can be used from any place of users choice, it doesn't itself provides services or affiliation to service providers, it is merely a buisiness group for provider-user interaction.

Our Approach


Users can access a list of service providers, providing a particular service within nearby areas, or any other area of choice. For finding nearby provider, zip code of the user is the main parameter. Users can then make a call to the selected provider over the phone using details provided.

Difference We Made


This proved very Easy to be use iPhone app and can access service providers in a particular area and contact them by using iPhone/Android phone. We are using location aware search to find the best & quick match. The application allow users great mobility and specific service provider information



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