This is a Cloud hosted application for tracking sales and employee attendance through front-end mobile apps. The app is capable of scanning barcodes to check-in and checkout products in the database.




This client of ours is ranked as 4th largest smartphone brand in India that produces around 1.5 million mobile handsets per month. As this company has grown very fast, it was challenge to track sales representative locations, items in stock, monthly sales targets, sales incentives etc. There was lack of real-time information to the stakeholders and the available data was proving insufficient for decision making.

Our Approach


After thoroughly analyzing their business process, we proposed a cloud based solution which was capable of tracking items sold and attendance through web and mobile application. As real-time analytics/reports were very important so we build and deployed the back-end system on cloud servers so that it is accessible 24 x 7 from any location without any downtime. Also, we provisioned for load balancing, daily backups and dynamic instance creation to handle traffic spikes during peak business hours.

We wrote RESTful APIs to be consumed by front-end web and mobile applications. In our Android application we developed real-time stock-in and stock-out modules for reporting inventory levels correctly. The application is capable of recording the stock movements even in offline mode so that it can be used without internet connection. However we build a smart syncing module in the app which gets activated whenever it finds active internet connection nearby. Now, the attendance can be marked via mobile app and the products can be checked-in/checked-out by using inbuilt barcode scanner in the application.

Difference We Made


The cloud based dashboard shows all the activity, stocks, sales and reports in an intuitive interface. The program also generates and sends few reports daily to the stakeholders in the company. Thus, this cloud based solution enables real-time sales tracking, reporting employee attendance, managing stock levels, validating duplicate products through IMEI numbers, calculating sales incentives, registering new sales channels, generating comprehensive reports covering all aspects of stock, sales and attendance in the company.