Migrating Customers, Support Tickets, Articles from Parature to Freshdesk




The client is a full-service marketing and public relations firm serving clients in energy and technology across the energy supply chain.

What was the problem?


It was a big problem to migrate all the data without loosing the HTML formatting and link information in each article. Also, some of the images were stored in Parature and some on other servers.

Our Approach


Since there were thousands of contacts, accounts, articles and training lessons in Parature so we decided to migrate everything by using Parature APIs. Similarly, at the other end we used Freshdesk APIs to create the new contacts and the articles in Client account dynamically.

Difference We Made


Thousands of contacts, accounts and Knowledge Base articles were migrated from Parature to Freshdesk, preserving all the HTML formatting, URL linking and images. The client was able to use the new customer support system, without any downtime.

All the external links were migrated as it is, whereas all internal (Parature) links were to be re-formatted to make it Freshdesk ready. Similarly, all the images hosted at the Parature were dynamically downloaded from Parature server and then uploaded to new server in real-time through our automated scripts. Wherever there were changes in the file names, they were handled through intelligent coding.



Parature API, Freshdesk API, PHP, Python, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS