Online video creation tool with voice recording, TTS and background music support.




The client is a leading Internet Marketing company providing services in UK since 2007.

What was the problem?


The client approached Medma for developing a web-based video creation software which should require no software to be installed on User's computer for creating videos. So, the user should be able to create videos in the browser by using images with text animation, effects and including other video clips as well. Apart from adding background music in the videos, it was also required to record the Voice over for the video in the browser itself. Further, a feature was required to convert text into voice over by using Text-To-Speech technology. A human sounding TTS voice for male and female was to be produced by using open source TTS libraries for videos. Also, it was important for the application to handle different formats, resolution and sizes of multimedia files by providing an auto-correct feature, which should require no manual efforts.



The application was intended to help users in making product videos for branding and advertisement purposes.

Our Approach


Since there were many challenges so we divided this entire project in small modules. We researched on various open source libraries for video encoding, TTS generation, audio editing and format conversions. Also, we built a matrix to check browser compatibility for various features like sound recording in browser so that the application should be supported in almost all the latest browsers.

The user was provided with a dashboard to manage all the videos and media files. This video creation tool can add voice over in the videos by using Text-To-Speech technology or if a User wants then he can also record voice narration directly in the Video maker tool. The Text-To-Speech technology will convert any written text into a human sounding audio narration for the video.

The web application allowed the user to select images, videos and music tracks and use them for creating their videos. We decided to provide thousands of royalty free images, videos and sound clips so that User need not to waste time in searching & uploading them for creating videos. Also, we decided to develop a module for publishing videos with their own landing pages having company logo, description, video and a link to product/service page.

The web-based video creation tool also allows the user to add texts in the video with special effects. The user can generate the video in any one of the predefined resolutions and can adjust the background color, music volume, repeat mode etc. The User can upload images and videos of any size, format and resolution and the system will provide the option of auto-correcting them.

Difference We Made


The final product is an online Video Maker tool which can be used in any latest web browser. A User can create videos by
adding images, sound & video clips from his computer or he can use royalty free media files provided in the movie maker tool itself. A User can make HD quality product presentations and videos with professional quality voice narration. He can even record his own audio narration for video in the web browser within this video maker tool. The tool also creates a beautiful landing page for publishing the created video online. A user can also download the final video in many formats and resolutions. Thus the tool provides user the ability to quickly & easily create multimedia videos that can be used for video / digital marketing.



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