Design & development of browser based proofing application for a company engaged in printing & delivering postcard advertisements through its network of franchisees.




What was the problem?


Web based collaboration tool, proofing capabilities, maintaining history of proofing transactions, multiple user levels, controlling work flow through alerts, notifications and validations.



The purpose of this application was to develop a user friendly web based application which facilitates the proofing process to finalize the printing design of postcards. The application should maintain history of all the designs and users comments and should support multiple levels of users.

Our Approach


In order to make this collaborative application, we developed web based flash driven proofing tool in the website. Website contained six user levels having their own control panels to manage the flow of design proofing. Automatic email alerts were used in order to quickly finalize the design and facilitate communications.

Difference We Made


The end product was very easy to use collaborative proofing application where every user can add his comments and then designers will modify the designs accordingly. The postcard design was visible in a flash based proofing tool where users can add markings, comments & notes in order to get their desired design. The system keeps history of all the comments & design and who made them when.