This web application was developed for a Fortune 1,000 motivational speaker who is basically safety and health expert in the United States. The application delivers powerful video messages to the subscribed company's managers, supervisors, staff etc for addressing everything from safety and health, to change effective employee training, and workplace wellness.


What was the problem?


Delivering streaming video contents in email, scheduling newsletters sequence in advance, keeping canned contents to be sent later, detailed usage reporting to do analysis.



The purpose was to make a simple & efficient automated system for scheduling and delivering video emails to the subscribers and providing complete reporting to the Administrator about who viewed what message and when.

Our Approach


There are many levels of users in the system having different set of privileges. The facility of sending HTML email has been done by API integration with Interspire. Super Admin can create subscription for companies and their staff. He has total control on every aspect of the application from uploading company's staff automatically to configuring delivery of video messages for each subscriber company. Video messages can be scheduled for delivery in advance and can be templated.

Difference We Made


The application was very easy to use and was capable of reporting video views, scheduling newsletters in advance, delivering video contents in email etc.



HTML,PHP,MySQL,AJAX,Content Delivery Network integration, Interspire API integration.