Ball throwing app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, requires iOS 3.0 or later. In this Anroid application user can select different types of balls making it as a fantastic game.






The purpose is to design an iPhone app that can be used to entertain golf players. Golf is said to be the hardest sport on this planet to be played and at the same time it is the easiest sport on the earth to be played at the enjoyment level. You will definately get a realistic expectations about your abilities . Our experienced Iphone developers developed Golf Balls_Lite for iPhone, which promptly rocketed to one of the top app Store's Sports Category. We wanted to fulfill our clients expectations by adding all qualities in full force to ensure that the process of app development catered to all requirements.

Our Approach


1) Entertain golf lover.
2) Provide a virtually real environment to play golf.
3) Have real world like experience with advanced gaming technologies.
4) 54 different grounds (level) each with a new challenge, to challenge the player .

Difference We Made


The excellence of our Anroid app is illustrated by the fact that no sooner was this app entered to the store, than users started downloading the app. They have given full marks to the app in their reviews. A successful solution is a combination of sustained efforts, expertise and experience. We ensured that the iPhone app perfectly replicated all the features and functionalities of the client’s existing Android app in detail and a perfect manner. Our iPhone developers made it a point to capture each and every detail of the Android app and ensure that it was a part of the iPhone app. The result is an app that is a treat to use for all golfing enthusiasts, who want a highly interactive companion that helps them calculate the bets placed on each hole.We made many complex and interactive course, which was really complex to manage with code. And also we had challenging BOX2D environment which really tough to match with COCOS2D world.



IPhone Application, Objective C, COCOS2D + BOX2D