Breatherim is a facebook app. Its a football game engine having multiple level or level wise game play selection and its management. Breatherim is a facebook football Application developed by Medma infomatix. Its a football Game Engine having multiple level or level wise game play selection and its management. This game considers 3 types of team formation - It is basically a Football facebook application where very large number of players can simultaneously play and interact with each other over the web using a web browser is called as Web Based MMOG or Browser Based MMOG.




What was the problem?


1) Application page development for integrating on Facebook.
2) Integration of Facebook Social Networking and community services in the Game.
3) There are nine actions that are preformed by the managers:
4) Providing a fixed number of female teams and male teams in a league out of 20 total teams.
5) This game is totally based on the permutation and the combination so submitting an action might not generate the response for the actions for whom it generates response normally.



Our main Approach is to design a facebook app that involves the following entities- :

1) Facebook users will be able to register in the game and play the game as Fotball Team. managers.
2) Having 18 zones in the game and the player is restricted to perform definite actions from definite zones corresponding to which alert would be raised while game being played.
3) Ths project involve integration of PayPal payment gateway for allowing game users to make purchases for items on sale in the game.
4) Basketball Floor will be divided in 18 zones. Players and ball movements will depend on the zone.
5) Multiple level or level wise game play selection and its management.

Our Approach


Our approach is to design an app with multiple level selection of game play. We have also designed an enhancement package to boost up players in different tournaments.

Difference We Made


The spirit of our game development arises in our developers from the fact that gaming itself is our passion. We are very passionate about our work and as result have shown extreme enthusiasm and dedication towards our work. We created an experience through various techniques using game modeling ,animation and User interface designing. As a result we end up with this facebook app.



MySQL Server was used for the back-end database process. Other technologies used are : FMBL iFrame Flash PHP Ajax JQuery MySQL Core Game Engine Facebook Development API's