Exentri is an wholesale and Magento retail store services featuring bags of leather for packaging, leather ware traveling sets, backpacks, rucksacks, hand bags, shopping bags, traveling bags, suitcases, briefcases etc. It's an online magneto web store that serves customers on a wide scale.






This website is based upon the popular open-source e-shop platform -Magneto. It makes use of Magento platform very effective and consists of a wide range of configurable features and a variety of plans to meet your demands according to your taste and need.

Difference We Made


Our Magento developers developed Magento website that features bags of leather for different purposes. Our customer needed specialist Magento developers to build an eCommerce Magento storefront.Their task was to build the online retail shop using different Magento themes and designs and integrate it with the eCommerce shopping cart, allow orders to be of leather bags and other leather products to be received electronically and then provide second-line support and maintenance afterwards. So we worked really hard to let them be satisfied with our development.